Welcome to Hanare by Takayama.

The best Kamameshi restaurant in Singapore by Chef Taro Takayama featuring traditional and homey dishes that highlight seasonality-driven and exquisite ingredients.


An Ode to

In Japan, Hanare is an extension of a building or home. A dynamic communal space, one used to entertain, host, or pursue one’s personal hobbies.


Chef Taro Takayama welcomes you to Hanare by Takayama. Here, he embodies the spirit of a typical Hanare, entertaining and delighting diners with traditional and soulful fare in a welcoming and contemporary approach.

The Chef

Taro Takayama

From a small city known as Wakayama, near Osaka, Chef Taro's passion for food took root and blossomed in his hometown. The comforting taste of childhood dishes remained deeply etched in his memory.


His experience has brought him to three-star Michelin restaurants in Osaka and the Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Singapore. Since opening Takayama on Shenton Way, Chef Taro has been relentlessly honing his craft while placing ingredients and seasonality centre stage, an ethos that clearly also reflected in his new casual concept, Hanare by Takayama.

The Menu

Kamameshi - a slow-cooked mixed rice.

At the forefront of the menu is Kamameshi - a slow-cooked mixed rice dish cooked in a “kama”- a traditional iron pot.


Each Kamameshi showcases koshihikari rice from Niigata and is topped with the finest seasonal ingredients for a vibrant and flavourful meal. Also on the menu are a selection of traditional plates to share.